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This website was built out of the love and excitement of bringing together a community of vintage cooks and bakers.

Not a single recipe on this website is taken from the internet or published book! Each is authentically heirloom, gathered personally from families willing to share.

Century Old Recipes.com is dedicated to bringing you authentic family recipes from the past centuries. How many of these recipes of our ancestors have been forgotten or lost in our family archives? The people and the time of the ages behind the recipe is the intrigue that inspires today's cooks who love to recreate genuine vintage recipes and embark on the joyous challenge to do it justice as the family of old once did. By cooking and baking these precious old-time recipes, we are bringing the good of the past back to life in today's kitchen!

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  • Sandwich Spread Recipe
    Wake up your taste buds and enjoy your sandwiches again! The modern day food industry tries to amp up flavor using sodium, msg and exictotoxins. Rewind 100+ years ago, delicious flavor came from real food ingredients!

Don't under estimate the power of a good sandwich spread! Once this is spread on your first sandwich, you'll be throwing your mayo, Miracle Whip and mustard out the door. This recipe is a way to bring your sandwich days back to life! It's got a great story too...

New recipes will be continually added as the adventure of not only finding the recipe, but the history that goes with it, continues on! Please visit regularly to see what's new and give ratings to the recipes you've tried. We love having you!

For the fun of it:
A 1910 photograph found in family archive during recipe research!